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Mira Laime
• 12/1/2016
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Mira Laime
• 12/15/2018

I do like the amount of thought that was put into the homebrew, I must say. I'd like to see it cleaned up, maybe even fleshed out a little more thoroughly for us players that are passionate about our characters. Lol.

All in all, less repetition, a little more .. je ne sais quoi.. about the race on a more personal level to make you really WANT to play that race, and this is real good. Throw in a few maps, some monsters, items to to fill those item headlines, a short adventure, and this could easily be up there with the Tiefling, Dragonborn, and Eladrin books out there.

I must admit that it has my DM brain swirling with all the wonderful information you have on the different city locations and such. I do believe that the underwater campaign that my player has been begging for shall come... but not until I have chosen and "built" one of such cities. I look forward to coming up with history, NPCs, shops, landmarks, etc. I've built many a city, but none from the SEA floor up! HAHAHAHA.


• 12/18/2018

Why don't you start a new discussion with your observations? As a response here to my post, it's less likely that other users on this wiki will see it. I'm a member of FANDOM's support team, which means I can help if there are problems, but I'm not an expert on the topic of this wiki, and not the right person to appreciate your post! 

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