The Unquenchable Afflux seeks knowledge of blood, body, and mind. Afflux never flinches from sacrificing the living to understand what made them once alive. He is the lord of interrogation, torture, and execution, as well as the knowledge gained thereby. He appears as a hairless, blood-soaked man of pale flesh and supernaturally bloodshot eyes. He wears a great coat of blood, that constantly drips and flows but never runs dry. His home plane is Carceri, and his symbol is a scarlet droplet.

Necromancers, evil wizards, inquisitors, and torturers revere Afflux. All followers of Afflux see members of good-aligned faiths, especially those that claim to offer knowledge, as their enemies. Among the evil deities, Afflux has no special foes, and his followers may sometimes enter alliances of convenience with other evil churches when their goals intersect.

Afflux teaches that every creature has a secret, no matter how mundane, and the best way to spill that secret is along with the creature's blood. To search eternally for knowledge is a noble quest, but the best place to search is in the tissues of the living, dead, and undead, since the secrets of sentience and animation mask the real secret of ultimate understanding.

Status Alignment Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Lesser Deity Neutral Evil Inquiry, Necromancy, Death Deathbound, Evil, Knowledge, Undeath Short sword
Titles Symbol Home Plane Worshipers Cleric Alginments
Bloodfather, the Unsatisfied Questioner, the Blood Spiller Scarlet Droplet Carceri Necromancers, Evil Wizards, Inquisitors, Torturers Neutral Evil, Neutral, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil.

Cleric Training Edit

Sometimes evil wizards come to at least revere, if not worshp, Afflux. Certainly his name is known among necromancers, whose grisly researches are so similar to Afflux's prescribed methods. Torturers and others who delight in the physical pain, visited on others pay the Unsatisfied Questioner frequent homage.

Quests Edit

The clerics of Afflux disseminate to lands near and far, teaching their twisted lore of pain and torture to all that will listen.

Prayers Edit

The prayers offered up to Afflux resemble the sounds of the victims put on the rack by the god's ordained torturers. Each scream is a mantra, and a night of pain is a solemn mass.

Temples Edit

Afflux has few temples. Any necromancer's lab where the methods of the Bloodspiller are utilized can become a shrine to Afflux ifthe space is hallowed in his name.

Rites Edit

When a victim succumbs too quickly to pain, it is customary for the presiding cleric to wound himself in Afflux's name (if the cleric is living), to offer some additional pain as recompense.

Herald and Allies Edit

Afflux generally sends a wheep as a herald. His planar allies are ravids, night hags, and nightwings

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