The Cosmology of Agartha

Agartha is a Material Plane comprised mostly of desert. Here the core Pantheon is the Pheronic Pantheon as presented in Deities and Demigods. 

Planes of the Agarthan Cosmology[edit | edit source]

The world of Agartha is bound by heavan and hell. To the west of the mortal world, where the sun sets every night, lie the fair Offering Fields (Seket-Hetep) where the souls of the righteous live in eternal reward. Under the earth, where the sun (steered by the god, Re-Horakhty) passes each night in struggle with the forces of evil are the Twelve Hours f Night. Demons, Serpentine monsters and the souls of those who died without proper funerals (including foreigners) populate this dark underworld. Together the Offering Fields, the Twelve Hours of night, and the heavenly arc of the sun's daylight journy compose Tuat, the otherworld.

The Solar Barge[edit | edit source]

The Offering Fields[edit | edit source]

The Twelve Hours of Night[edit | edit source]

The Gods of Agartha[edit | edit source]

Ma'at[edit | edit source]

The principle that unites the Agarthan pantheon into a tight pantheon is Ma'at--the fundamental order of the universe. All the Agarthan deities (with the exception of the aberrant gods Apep, Set, and Sobek) praise and uphold Ma'at as the order that underpins their existance and place in the universe. Ma'at is the principle of truth, justice, law, and order, and without it the universe itself would crumble into chaos.

When a mortal dies, Anubis weighs the deceased soul on a scale balanced by the feather of Ma'at. If the soul overbalances the scale, it is fed to Am-mit, the devourer of souls. If the scale balances, the deceased is revealed as just an honorable a person and finds reward in the Offering Fields. 

Judges invoke the presence of Ma'at so that they may decided the cases before them with justice and impariality. Rulers strive to govern according to Ma'at's principles, often seeking advice from clerics so that justice and order may mark their rule.

Re-Horakhty[edit | edit source]

The ruler of the Agarthan gods, Re-Horakty is the resplendant lord of the sun, steering the Solar Barge across the sky and through the underworld at night. He appears as a strong, dark-skinned human with the head of a hawk. 

Re-Horakhty is the son of Isis and Osiris. Previously called Horus, he ascended to take the place of the original sun-god, Re, after defeating Set to avenge the murder of Osiris. He absorbed the divine essence of the aging Re, increasing his power beyond that of his parents

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