You are a representive of an almight deity's authority in the mortal world. You give thanks daily to the good fortune that put you in such an enviable position. You know firsthand that the places of natural beauty, the structure of societies, and even the existential cosmic laws would falter and perhaps collapse altogether without divine influence and intervention.

However, deities work through agencies other than mere divine decree. In fact, gods prefer to work through intermediaries such as you when possible. You use the power of your deity to make your god's will manifest. In doing so, your lot improves, as you are raised slowly up in the eyes of the deity you serve with each deed you accomplish in your god's name.

Suggested Backgrounds : Artisan, Ascetic, Noble, Scion.

Suggested Personality Archetypes (choose one): Agent, Companion, Crusader, Innocent, Leader, Martyr, Orphan, Prophet, Royalty, Sage, Seeker, Simple Soul, Theorist

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