Divine Spark

Divine Spark

Divine Spark is a silver holy symbol sculpted to resemble a shining sun. Such an image with any particular deity. The amulet is smal enough to be gripped in one hand.

Nonlegacy Game StatisticsEdit

Silver holy symbol of resistance +1; Cost 1,550 gp; Weight 1 lb. If you have the ability to turn undead, all language-speaking creatures within 30 feet can understand you when you speak regardless of language. This does not give you the ability to understand others' languages.

Omen: Divine Spark transforms into your preferred holy symbol while you carry it.


Legacy RitualsEdit

Two rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Divine Spark

Talking StickEdit

Belief in KinEdit

Wielder RequirementsEdit

Clerics and Paladins are the only ones capable of wielding Divine Spark. Other classes all lack the requisite turning abilities without multiclassing. Paladins can gain access to the staff's least abilities, but they are typically incapable of paying the personal costs required for the more powerful abilities and rarely complete the Belief in Kin ritual.

Divine Spark Wielder RequirementsEdit

  • Ability to cast 1st-level divine spells
  • Diplomacy 2 ranks
  • Any nonevil alignment
  • Ability to turn undead

Legacy Item AbilitiesEdit

Endure Evil (Su)Edit

Turning Grace (Su)Edit

Fear No Evil (Sp)Edit

Searing Light (Sp)Edit

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