Draco Mystere

The Draco Mystere

This tome, known as "Mysteries of the Dragon" in Common, is a legendary book of lore regarding dragon kind. Some claim it was written by the first high priest of the Cult of Ashardalon, but others call this assertion nothing but an idle boast, believing the book to be far older than that. Over the centuries it has been studied, copied, lost, and found again by dozens if not hundreds of readers. Many lesser versions of this book are known to exist, but none shar it's power.

Reading Draco Mystere takes thirty consecutive 8-hour days of study. If the reader misses even a single day during that time, he must start again from the beginning. Completetion of the study gives the reader a +5 inherent bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks regarding dragons. The reader also gains low-light vision (if the character already has low-light vision, the effect is increased by one multiple such as from double to triple) and immunity to sleep and paralysis effects.

In addition a sorcerer who reads Draco Mystere gains 1 point of charisma and sufficient XP to place him halfway into the next experience level (which must be used to increase his sorcerer level). Other characters who peruse the book do not receive these benefits.

Any individual can only receive the tome's benefits once in a lifetime.

Stong transmutation; CL 19th; weight 3 lb.

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