Your secret instruction occured in caves and forests sacred to life. You learn clandestine verses, the names of stars and constellations, the cycle of the seasons, sacred songs, formulas for prayers and incantations, rules for divination and magic, and the language of animals. To this day you still learn; as a druid, you are a lifelong student of the natural world.

Why isn't everyone? After witnessing the fury of a storm, the splendor of the setting sun, and the spirit-cleansing power of a grove of aspen trees only the most stone-hearted would not be moved to protect and conserve them, and what's more, rejoice and cherish the slow-groing, natural elements of the world that form the foundation of everything else. Without the web of sun, rain, growth, death, and rebirth in nature, the vaunted civilizations of men, elves, dwarves, and other creatures would crumble like dust.

Suggested Backgrounds (choose one): Ascetic, Farm Hand, Tribal Origin

Suggested Personality Archetypes (choose one): Agent, Crusader, Explorer, Innocent, Martyr, Orphan, Prophet, Renegade, Sage, Savage, Wanderer.

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