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Evening Glory teaches that love need not ever die. Instead, love may go on indefinitely, if the body's remains are properly preserved. The deity of love at any price, Evening Glory appears as an exquisitely preserved woman with ice-white (almost translucent) flesh and platinum-white neck length hair. She has eyes of baby blue, with lips, fingernails, and toenails the same color. She is flawless, despite (or because of) her necrotic chill. Disdaining simple nudity, the Deathless Beauty prefers extravagant, backless gowns. A heart-shaped, oddly alluring hole completely pierces the palm of each of her bloodless hands. Evening Glory's symbol is an an open hand, pierced through the palm with a heart-shaped hole.

The Eternal Lover appeals strongly to the immortality seekers, lovers, and undead. Still anyone who has loved and lost, or knows love and fears its end, is a potiential worshiper of Evening Glory. Most who worship her are undead, or soon to become undead after worshiping her for a time. Many of her followers would rather welcome the followers of other faiths, but it is hard to welcome members of faiths that believe undeath must be eradicated.

Evening Glory teaches that desire is all that matters, and the desire for the love of another should never be allowed to fail through the depredations of age. Those whose love transcends life should seek life everlasting through the grace of undeath. The perfect preservation may freeze love forever. While the resurrection of tragically slain lovers may do for some, nothing can stay old age's imperious final call--nothing but the embrace of undeath.

Status Alignment Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Lesser Deity Neutral Love, beauty, immortality through undeath Charm, Magic, Protection Dagger
Titles Symbol Home Plane Worshipers Cleric Alignments
The Deathless Beauty, the Eternal Lover an open hand pierced with a heart-shaped hole Immortality seekers, lovers, and undead Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil

Cleric Training[edit | edit source]

The training a cleric must undergo to become fully vested by Evening Glory is a secret cloaked in love and affection.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The clerics of Evening Glory are mainly proselytizers, preaching about the continuance of love (and, through this, the continuance of existence after death).

Prayers[edit | edit source]

All prayers to Evening Glory extol her unchanging perfection, a beauty frozen at its height by the balm of death.

Temples[edit | edit source]

Temples to the Eternal Lover can show up anywhere, though when the authorities realize the true nature of the worship to this god, with its undead component, those temples are usually banned.

Rites[edit | edit source]

The rites of Evening Glory are many, but the mere recitation of a love poem inspired by the goddess is considered a daily obligation by her followers.

Herald and Allies[edit | edit source]

Evening Glory usually sends a female lich as her herald. Planar allies are medium, large, and huge fire elementals

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