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Fighter Bonus FeatsEdit

Fighters gain bonus feats selected frm a subset of the feat list. Any feat designated as a fighter feat can be selected as a fighters bonus feat. This designation does not restrict characters of other classes from selecting these feats assuming they meat the prerequisits. In this list fighter feats will be marked with a *

Players Handbook Edit

General FeatsEdit




Animal Affinity

Armor Proficiency (Light)

Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Armor Profiency (Heavy)


Augment Summoning

Blind Fight*

Combat Casting

Combat Expertise*

Improved Disarm*
Improved Feint*
Improved Trip*
Whirlwind Attack*

Combat Reflexes*


Deft Hands



Spring Attack*



Eschew Materials

Exotic Weapon Proficiency*

Extra Turning

Great Fortitude

Improved Counterspell

Improved Critical*

Improved Initiative*

Improved Turning

Improved Unarmed Strike*

Improved Grapple*
Deflect Arrows*
Snatch Arrows*
Stunning Fist*


Iron Will


Lightning Reflexes

Magical Aptitude

Martial Weapon Proficiency

Mounted Combat*

Mounted Archery*
Ride-By Attack*
Spirited Charge*

Natural Spell


Nimble Fingers


Point Blank Shot*

Far Shot*
Precise Shot*
Rapid Shot*
Many Shot*
Shot on the Run*
Improved Precise Shot*

Power Attack*

Great Cleave*
Improved Bull Rush*
Improved Overrun*
Improved Sunder*

Quick Draw*

Rapid Reload*



Shield Proficiency

Improved Shield Bash*
Tower Shield Proficiency

Simple Weapon Proficiency

Skill Focus

Spell Focus

Greater Spell Focus

Spell Mastery

Spell Penetration

Greater Spell Penetration



Two-Weapon Fighting*

Improved Two Weapon Fighting*
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

Weapon Finesse*

Weapon Focus*

Weapon Specialization*
Greater Weapon Focus*
Greater Weapon Specialization*

Item Creation FeatsEdit

Brew Potion

Craft Magic Arms and Armor

Craft Rod

Craft Staff

Craft Wand

Craft Wondrous Item

Forge Ring

Scribe Scroll

Metamagic FeatsEdit

Empower Spell

Enlarge Spell

Extend Spell

Heighten Spell

Maximize Spell

Quicken Spell

Silent Spell

Still Spell

Widen Spell

Players Handbook IIEdit

General FeatsEdit

Acrobatic Strike*

Arcane Flourish

Arcane Accompaniment

Arcane Thesis

Arcane Toughness

Arcane Consumption

Armor Specialization*

Battle Dancer*

Bonded Familiar

Bounding Assault

Rapid Blitz

Brutal Strike*

Combat Acrobat*

Combat Familiar

Lurking Familiar

Combat Tactician

Cometary Collision*

Companion Spellbond

Crossbow Sniper*

Cunning Evasion

Dampen Spell

Deadeye Shot*

Defensive Sweep

Elven Spell Lore

Fade into Violence

Fiery Fist*

Fiery Ki Defense*
Ki Blast*



Hindering Opportunist

Stalwart Defense

Indomitable Soul

Intimidating Strike*

Keen-Eared Scout

Leap to the Heavens

Lunging Strike*

Mad Foam Rager

Master Manipulator

Melee Evasion*

Melee Weapon Mastery*

Crushing Strike*
Driving Attack*
Slashing Flurry*
Weapon Supremacy*

Overwhelming Assault

Penetrating Shot*

Ranged Weapon Mastery*

Robilar's Gambit*

Spield Specialization*

Active Shield Defense*
Agile Shield Fighter*
Shield Sling*
Shield Ward*

Short Haft*

Spectral Skirmisher*

Spell-Linked Familiar

Steadfast Determination

Telling Blow

Trophy Collecter

Tumbling Feint*

Two-Weapon Pounce*

Two-Weapon Rend*

Vatic Gaze

Versatile Unarmed Strike*

Vexing Flanker*

Adaptable Flanker*

Wanderer's Diplomacy

Water Splitting Stone*

Ceremony FeatsEdit

Ritual Blessing

Ritual Blood Bonds

Combat Form FeatsEdit

Combat Focus

Combat Stability
Combat Defense
Combat Vigor
Combat Awareness
Combat Strike

Divine FeatsEdit

Divine Armor

Divine Fortune

Divine Justice

Divine Ward

Profane Aura

Sacred Healing

Sacred Purification

Sacred Radiance

Heritage FeatsEdit

Celestial Sorcerer Heritage

Celestial Sorcerer Aura
Celestial Sorcerer Lancce
Celestial Sorcerer Wings
Celestial Sorcerer Lore

Infernal Sorcerer Heritage

Infernal Sorcerer Eyes
Infernal Sorcerer Howl
Infernal Sorcerer Resistance

Metamagic FeatsEdit

Blistering Spell

Earthbound Spell

Flash Frost Spell

Imbued Summoning 

Smiting Spell

Tactical FeatsEdit

Blood-Spiked Charger

Combat Cloak Expert

Combat Panache


Mad Alchemist

Shadow Striker

Forgotten Realms Campaign SettingEdit

General FeatsEdit

Item Creation FeatsEdit

Metamagic FeatsEdit

Player's Guide to FaerunEdit

General FeatsEdit

Magic of FaerunEdit

Races of FaerunEdit

Shining SouthEdit

Silver MarchesEdit

Unapproachable EastEdit

Serpent KingdomsEdit


Lords of DarknessEdit

Champions of ValorEdit

Champions of RuinEdit

City of Splendor: WaterdeepEdit

General FeatsEdit

Dungeoneer's Intuition

Hand of Tyr

Jester's Magic

Lunar Magic

Veil of Cyric

Initiate FeatEdit

Initiate of Shar


Eberron Campaign SettingEdit

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