"Good and evil, law and chaos -- they are as real as fire and steel, and I am proof of that" -Ogava Basa, Skarn law incarnate.

Incarnum is a tool you can use to manipulate the physical manifestation of moral and ethical forces and wield them in righteous pursuit of an ideal. Whether you are holy and righteous or corrupt and evil, you literally come to embody one cause or alignment, adding the distilled essence of good, evil, law, or chaos into your soulmelds.

Making an Incarnate Edit

As an incarnate, you can expect to serve both a melee role and a supporting role by aiding other characters with your aligned aura and your soulmelds. In certain situations you are as strong a fighter as a paladin, though you suffer more when out of your element.

Abilities Edit

Constitution is perhaps your most important ability score, since it determines the maximum number of soulmelds you can shape at one time (as well as the duration of your incarnum radiance). If your soulmeld selection focuses on melee combat, a high strength score is important; if you use soulmelds directly against foes, a high wisdom score increases the save DCs against those abilities.

Races Edit

Races inclined to alignment extremes make the best incarnates. The heirs of the mishtai -- rilkans and skarns -- are by far the most common incarnates, producing mostly chaotic and lawful incarnates, respectively. Dusklings become chaotic (or occasionally evil) incarnates. Dwarves produce lawful incarnates, while elf incarnates embody their good nature. Half-orcs might grow to be chaotic incarnates. Among humans, evil incarnates are more common than good. The planetouched races produce a great number of incarnates. The most common savage humanoid incarnates are evil kobolds and evil orcs.

Alignment Edit

Incarnates hold to one alginment extreme. As an incarnate, you must choose one alignment component: good, evil, law, or chaos. This alignment component defines you and serves as your guiding principle. For incarnates, though, this is more than just a belief. Because incarnates channel souls that contain the very essence of this alignment component. Because their devotion to one ideal is so great, an incarnate can only pick one extreme alignment component (good, evil, law, or chaos) and must be neutral in regards to the other alignment component. This means that the only possible alignments for incarnates are neutral good, neutral evil, lawful neutral, or chaotic neutral.

Other Edit

Starting Gold: 5d4x10 (125 gp)

Starting Age: As cleric

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