Niburu is a world of mostly ocean. The only land masses on the entirety of of Niburu are islands of various sizes. There are only a handful of land dwelling races, and are quite easily outnumbered by aquatic races such as the Aventi, Darfellans, and merfolk. There are aquatic elves, gnomes, halflings, darves, ect. Out of the entire population of Niburu, there are only two land dwelling races: Humans and Hadozee

Geographic Perils of Niburu[edit | edit source]

Phantom Islands[edit | edit source]

One of the many dangers that sailors face in Niburu are the numerous Phantom Islands that phase in and out of existance. Anyone unfortunate enough to be on a Phantom Island when it disappears goes with it, never to be seen again. 

  • Island of Demons
  • Mayda
  • Podesta
  • Buss
  • Kantia
  • Royllo
  • Thule
  • Taprobane
  • Rocabarra

Drifting Islands[edit | edit source]

A small number of islands seem to ride the currents apparently circumnavigating the world over. Many of these drifting islands are inhabited, but they are so difficult to find that trade and interaction is all but impossible without the use of divination to find it's current location and magic wind to fill the sails.

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